Berlin set to be top real estate investment destination in 2018

Berlin is becoming the belle of the ball in the European real estate investment market, according to a report by PriceWaterhouse&Coopers (Pwc) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). By the end of 2017 London will still be on the top of the list, with a volume of real estate investments estimated at €31 billion, and Berlin at €9 billion in second place. In 2018, the trend will radically change, according to Pwc and ULI. Germany’s capital will witness a massive inflow of real estate investments that will make Berlin the first destination at European level in the near future. More generally, the German real estate market, as a consequence of Brexit, is growing considerably. Banks such as Nomura, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup have recently announced the transfer of their European HQs to Germany. Finally, the study identifies for 2018 thriving European investment real estate niches in sectors such as student housing, hotels, assisted living and serviced apartments. READ THE FULL PWC – ULI REPORT

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