Italian NPLs at lowest level since 2014

Over the past six months, Italian banks have unloaded considerable amounts of NPLs off their balance sheets, potentially making the Italian NPL market the most active in terms of transaction value at a global scale in 2017, according to study released by top strategic consulting firm, Deloitte. Last July, according to an article appeared in the Financial Times, UniCredit alone, Italy’s second largest bank for market capitalization – € 39,1 billion -, has sold NPLs portfolios to Pimco and Fortress for a total value of € 17,7 billion. So far, Italy NPL’s transactions have reached a total value of more than € 20 billion, and by end of 2017 it is expected to go over € 50 billion. In 2016, Italian banks held NPL for a total amount of € 324 billion, GBV. VISIT DELOITTE’S NPLs MARKET TRACKER

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